Wedding Quiz

1. Who should walk down the aisle first?
The bridesmaids
The bride's mother
The groomsmen
The best man and maid of honor
2. Who is usually the ring bearer?
A young girl
A groomsman
A young boy
A bridesmaid
3. Which is not worn by a bride to bring good luck?
Something white
Something blue
Some money
Something old
4. Why did brides traditionally wear veils?
To show modesty
To protect their hair and makeup
To show that looks don't matter for true love
To scare away evil spirits
5. Which one of these is not a wedding gown style
6. What does the rice thrown at weddings symbolize?
A Long Life Together
7. What does it mean when a woman catches the bouquet?
She will get married next
She will find a boyfriend
She will have good luck
8. Which of these is bad luck for a wedding?
The bride and groom seeing each other before the wedding
Wearing something old
Carrying the bride
9. In which country do they traditionally lift up the bride and groom?
10. Which one is not a famous wedding quote
It is good luck to carry the bride
A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers
And they lived happily every after
A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband
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