Can you guess the movie from the outfit?

1. Which movie is this busy shopper from?
Maid In Mahattan
Father Of The Bride
Pretty Woman
2. Which Audrey Hepburn movie is this?
Roman Holiday
Funny Face
Breakfast At Tiffany's
3. Which rom-com is this dress from?
You, Me And Dupree
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
Notting Hill
4. Which movie is this pink dress from?
Pretty in pink
Mamma Mia!
10 Things I Hate About You
27 Dresses
5. They are dancing in which movie?
Along Came Polly
Dirty Dancing
Shall We Dance?
6. Which movie featured these penguin pajamas?
Four Christmases
Bridget Jones's Diary
Love Actually
7. Which wedding movie featured this gown?
Runaway Bride
My Best Friend's Wedding
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
The Wedding Planner
8. Which rom-com is this dress from?
Never Been Kissed
13 Going On 30
27 Dresses
Mamma Mia!
9. Which movie featured this gown?
Pretty in Pink
The Princess Diaries
Coming To America
Ella Enchanted
10. Which movie is this dress from?
Pretty Woman
La La Land
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
What Happens in Vegas
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